Apr 04

African dance_Really Funny

All of us want to have fun. But what does this mean, exactly? This article discusses how to have fun, and what fun is about. For some people, for example, fun is about getting wasted by taking drugs, drinking alcohol, or maybe just staying up very late at night. However, I don’t consider these fun […]

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Apr 03

Wajid Zia’s testimony: JIT report based on tall claims, rather conclusive evidence against Sharifs

courtesy: thenews.com.pk The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) in its report proved every allegation on Nawaz Sharif beyond any doubt, however, Wajid Zia — head of the JIT — is admitting with reference to every single allegation that there is no evidence or the point was not even investigated. The only conclusive evidence the JIT obtained […]

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